Chemical Peels

Every skin treatment begins with our advanced medical imaging technology. This way, we can see deep into the layers of the skin enabling a greater understanding and evidence of underlying skin concerns. This powerful diagnostic knowledge allows our clients to take preventative and restorative action utilising the right products and skin treatments. With the combination of medical imaging and the expert eye of your dermal therapist we can create customised and informed treatment plan for you.


How it works: Our professional range of medical grade chemical peels are used to rejuvenate the skin through accelerated exfoliation of skin cells. They are developed using a combination of AHA’s and BHA’s resulting in repair of tone, texture and stimulating new skin growth.

Medical grade peels are an effective way to treat a host of conditions such as ageing, sun damage, hyperpigmentaion, melasma, and acne quickly and effectively. Your paramedical therapist will advise after consultation the correct peel for you and aftercare.

Ideal for: Those wanting to clarify and brighten their skin tone, get a radiant glow, treat acne, or turbo-charge any skin treatment. All our chemical peels are easily tolerated and require no downtime.


ADD ON - $49