ELYSE KNOWLES - Our beautiful client and her Aesthetica skin journey



Ok time for an update about my skin! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the topic as it’s something not quite easy for me to do, so the time is now!

Everyone one has a few things about themselves that they find a little irritating & frustrating, would you agree? And it’s totally normal so don’t let it get you down! Mine would have to be my skin! No doubt. It has taken me years to get a hold of my skin & I am still working on it, day after day. I am being as patient as possible - as stress doesn’t help anything! (especially skin), I’m trying to cool my jets and not let it become the centre of my universe. Because I have bigger fish to fry & more important things to focus on!

I’ve spent the last few months drenching myself in research. I’ve been talking to experts, friends, family & colleagues about skin in general. When you spend some time learning about whatever it is you’re stressing over, it can help to calm you & you begin to see how & why things work the way they do - cause and effect! As they say knowledge is power, and it’s very true!


Aestheticà (The Habitat, Byron Bay)

I’ve found a beautiful studio in Byron Bay called Aestheticà. Think of dried flowers, arched doors, wide hallways and rendered white walls. My heaven! Aestheticà have an amazing ethos of all natural beauty, which attracted me to them from the beginning.

At The Habitat, we’ve been doing micro-needling. This is to start the circulation of collagen, to produce healthy, fresh & plum skin. Your face feels a little raw & burnt straight after, but a day later it feels divine, (see below 3 pics. 2 are taken right after the treatment… and the last is a few days later). We finish the session with light therapy and a face mask to calm the skin.


As mentioned above, the two photos above on the left are the aftermath of the skin-needling. It leaves you a bit red and raw, but if you give it a week, your skin feels plump & fresh … like the pic on the very far right of me at the beach.

Family Ties Interview with Nurse Lex for THRILLS


Meet Alexa. Part of the beautiful team at Aesthetica and our key to the fountain of youth. Not only is she a talent and a half, but her unique, modern style is one we love. We took 5 with Alexa at Aesthetica to find out more about her life, the world of beauty, plus get some insight into her style.


Tell us a little bit about what you do:

I am a Cosmetic Nurse Injector and Business Owner of Aestheticá Byron Bay. My days are spent mostly doing cosmetic injectables; Dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, chin sculpting or fat dissolving injections and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injecting and needling. I also still work as a registered nurse for an agency from time to time to keep my nursing skills up-to-date.


How did you get into beauty?

It had always been a long-term goal of mine to move out of primary nursing care to something more passive while still very patient care orientated. I love looking after people and making them feel good, hence the skin and aesthetic medicine industry has always interested me. The way I treat my clients is, as a whole, looking at the body as one large organism rather than different compartments. My goal was to create an intimate, beautiful and zen space with result driven treatments for patients from all demographics.


What part of your work do you love the most? Why?

The best part of my job is seeing my clients' reactions when their treatment results exceed their expectations, especially when I have treated something that has bothered them for a long time. Getting results gives me such a high, nothing really compares.

Describe your style in 3 words.

1. Tomboy (80% boy, 20% girl)

2. Constantly changing

3. Chameleon 

How has your style changed from when you first started until now?

I have always been a bit of a chameleon, suiting my style to my surroundings or demographic that I'm living in at the time. I've always adjusted my style and adopted my own flare I suppose. I have certainly come a long way from my high waisted baby blue leather shorts and tight tops of years ago!


Tell us a bit about how you style your outfits.

I always try to wear conflicting styles together and pray that it works in my favour. My husband’s favourite statement is "but they don’t really go together". I am also a sucker for full matching outfits, too.

Tell us a little bit about living in Byron Bay? How long have you been living here? Any tips? etc.

I met my husband while visiting on a night out 9 years ago and been here ever since. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, so I guess my best advice is to not get too bitter with all the people visiting. Try and take it as a compliment, rather than personally.

What’s a typical day-in-the-life of Lex look like?

  • Yoga at Creature

  • Walk my dogs

  • Coffee always

  • Working in clinic 

  • Then usually try do some sort of activity to wind down after a long day. Infrared sauna at Nimbus & Co if I have had a long day and need a little energy boost. Or recently I have taken up skate boarding, wrist guards and all ;) 

What do you do in your spare time?

Haha I used to have a lot more of it! When I am not in clinic I try and see as much live music as humanly possible. I also try and drive down the Gold Coast when I have a few days up my sleeve to get some space from our little Byron bubble. I spend a lot of my spare hours furthering my aesthetic studies, there is always room to learn - I love to study.

Some things inspiring you right now:

A close friend of mine was recently injured in a massive car accident - she virtually broke every bone in her body. She has had such a long road to recovery and I find her resilience to be so incredibly inspiring.  She has come leaps and bounds, despite her injuries, and watching her recovery is so humbling. 


Music you’re listening to right now: 

Haha I tend to always lean toward old pop punk but I feel like I have a pretty fast palate when it comes to music. At the moment…

CeresLuca BrasiBeach SlangSlowly SlowlyFlying MachineModern BaseballPLTSLime Cordiale are my highest rotation when looking at my Spotify.


2019 goals/plans/something you want to speak into existence:

Just looking forward to cultivating my business and watching it grow. I have been blown away by the amount of support we have had so far in our local community. I have been working with some amazing mentors and leaders in the aesthetics industry, learning from my peers and always furthering my education in my field. I am also so grateful for all the amazing relationships that I have developed with my clients over the past three months, and on the home front - the dream is to eventually move out to hills and adopt way too many animals.

TOMBOY BEAUTY - Aestheticà

We were thrilled to be included in TOMBOY BEAUTY’S edit: BYRON BAYS BEST BEAUTY DESTINATIONS.

Here is what they had to say:

Aesthetica opened 10 days before I visited them, another new spot on the industrial estate in the very new trendy Habitat space, a short walk from Elements Resort. They are basically a Byron version of a Medi-spa, offering injectables, PRP, Dermapen, Dermaplaning, Fraxel, and LED treatments in the most beautiful, millennial pink space. On arrival, I was given a probiotic collagen infused water (lush), and lead into the treatment room where I would experience a ‘level 2 Dermaviduals’ facial nestled amongst rusty pink linens. My therapist started out by chatting to me about my skin concerns, and once we worked out what it was I needed to tackle, she began with a double cleanse, a physical exfoliant, an enzyme peeling mask, LED treatment which was accompanied by a foot massage while it was working it’s magic, and then a few serums which were massaged into the face. It was one of those treatments that went on forever which was an absolute blessing (nothing worse than an express facial you could have done at home IMO). I left feeling nurtured, glowy, and far too relaxed for the rest of my work day.

Thanks TOMBOY BEAUTY and Ella, it was our pleasure having you in clinic. x


Byron Bay’s Best Beauty Destinations…


Gritty Pretty - Aestheticà

We are proud to have been given the stamp of approval from the experts at Gritty Pretty.

Here is what they had to say:

This is a newbie on the Byron Bay medi-spa scene, and the clean, tranquil vibe (think light woods, greenery and white walls) fits right in with its environs at the Habitat community and lifestyle precinct. Our first appointment was for a Dermaviduals facial (highlights: the cooling algae mask, and the glorious foot and leg massage during the LED light portion), and a lash and brow tint. We were so impressed that we returned, and this time, we sipped on a probiotic “welcome” drink as we got a lil’ Botox, a pleasant experience thanks to the professionalism, knowledge and warmth of our consultant (hey, Alexa!). We’re already planning a third visit…

Thanks Gritty Pretty and Tara, it was our pleasure having you in clinic. x




Aestheticà x BENDE BYRON

Aestheticà interview for Bende Byron

Why Aestheticà as a name?

We chose the name Aestheticà as the word aesthetic is defined as “concerned with the appreciation of beauty” which is our core belief, beauty inside and out.

Why habitat?

We knew as locals we wanted to be out of town, as parking and navigating town is too hard. Habitat was the obvious choice for us with their clean, new precinct and community vibe.

What’s your fave treatment?

Our favourite treatment is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). It is highly sought after due to its ‘non-toxic’ nature. It utilises only the patient’s OWN platelets to stimulate new cell growth, helping to improve your complexion, skin texture and to restore lost facial volume.

What’s your number one skin care tip?

Our number one skin tip is to wear SPF daily, but if we could add one more which is equally important, it would be to stay away from skincare containing fragrance. This is the number one cause of so many conditions we see daily such as sensitivity, redness, pigmentation and dehydration.

Why should clients visit the Clinic?

You’ll want to visit Aestheticà as our team of experts can advise you on a range of treatments which have been carefully selected for the results they deliver. Your skin is as unique as your fingerprints, and we take care to tailor treatment programs that are just as personal.


Visit Bende Byron

Suite 35, Building c2, Habitat, 1 Porter Street, Byron Bay 2481

Byron Life Magazine - Interview with Nurse Lex

Alexa Roetger

“I love giving my patients back the structure in their face that can dissipate due to the natural course of ageing. It is like reframing a beautiful painting.”

 Alexa Roetger was only 15-years-old when she needed a bilateral shoulder reconstruction. While this procedure is gruelling on its own, it was at this time that doctors discovered that Alexa was allergic to anaesthetic. The downside meant an extra week in hospital, but the silver lining was that Alexa discovered her passion.

 “I was so vulnerable, but the nurses made me feel safe. This is where my love for nursing began. Their actions were so selfless, it inspired me to want to help people in the same way.”

 She graduated with academic honours in Bachelor of Nursing at Griffith University, then began her career at Gold Coast University hospital in the renal dialysis unit moving on to theatre and recovery.

 “My passion for helping people grew, along with my keen interest in skin, which led me to embark on my aesthetic nursing journey.”

 She completed extensive advanced training with Derma Medical and months of private mentoring with Cosmetic Nurse specialist Gaynor Richardson on the Gold Coast before completing advanced training with The Face Academy. This inspired her to open her own clinic, Aesthetica Byron Bay.

 As the clinic’s registered nurse, Alexa is focused on delivering natural-looking results with a holistic approach to facial improvement.

 “I believe here in Byron we all want to look our best without appearing ‘done’. Injecting is a fine art, as with anything it is always best to start slow and introduce more as you go. My philosophy is to enhance my patients’ best features, rather than trying to 'fix' what they don't like. Every client I have is just as important as the next, everyone who walks into our beautiful little clinic will walk out feeling beautiful.”

 Get to know Alexa

 What to you love to do when you’re not at work?

 I love yoga, horse riding, travel, surfing (not well) and have recently taken up skate boarding (wrist guards and all). However, my most favourite hobby is listening to live music and living in Byron have been privy to hearing some musical legends.

 We hear your husband is a bit of a musical legend himself?

 He’s a Byron local, a musician whom was lucky enough to tour the world with one of his bands. He is now also in a couple of local bands called 'Pilots' and 'Bed Club'. We met on a night out on the town when we were very young, and the rest is history.

 Tell us about your fur babies…

 I have three fur babies; Lola - a chihuahua, Tucker - a french bulldog and Skellator - my beautiful gentle adopted greyhound.

 You once met Nelson Mandela?

 Yes, when I was 7-years-old, he remains my idol to this day. I’m a South African-born Australian.

By Amanda Wright

Nurse Lex

Cosmetic injector