ELYSE KNOWLES - Our beautiful client and her Aesthetica skin journey



Ok time for an update about my skin! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the topic as it’s something not quite easy for me to do, so the time is now!

Everyone one has a few things about themselves that they find a little irritating & frustrating, would you agree? And it’s totally normal so don’t let it get you down! Mine would have to be my skin! No doubt. It has taken me years to get a hold of my skin & I am still working on it, day after day. I am being as patient as possible - as stress doesn’t help anything! (especially skin), I’m trying to cool my jets and not let it become the centre of my universe. Because I have bigger fish to fry & more important things to focus on!

I’ve spent the last few months drenching myself in research. I’ve been talking to experts, friends, family & colleagues about skin in general. When you spend some time learning about whatever it is you’re stressing over, it can help to calm you & you begin to see how & why things work the way they do - cause and effect! As they say knowledge is power, and it’s very true!


Aestheticà (The Habitat, Byron Bay)

I’ve found a beautiful studio in Byron Bay called Aestheticà. Think of dried flowers, arched doors, wide hallways and rendered white walls. My heaven! Aestheticà have an amazing ethos of all natural beauty, which attracted me to them from the beginning.

At The Habitat, we’ve been doing micro-needling. This is to start the circulation of collagen, to produce healthy, fresh & plum skin. Your face feels a little raw & burnt straight after, but a day later it feels divine, (see below 3 pics. 2 are taken right after the treatment… and the last is a few days later). We finish the session with light therapy and a face mask to calm the skin.


As mentioned above, the two photos above on the left are the aftermath of the skin-needling. It leaves you a bit red and raw, but if you give it a week, your skin feels plump & fresh … like the pic on the very far right of me at the beach.