Positive Ageing & The Role of Cosmetic Injectables


Have you ever noticed someones skin & thought their chronological age tells a different story to the lines on their face and fullness of their cheeks?   

 This is what’s commonly referred to as biological ageing, with the basic premise being that ageing occurs as you gradually accumulate damage to cells and tissues in the body.

 The speed and severity in which this happens is influenced by both external and internal factors such as environmental pollution, sun exposure, genetics, stress, smoking and lack of nutrient dense foods.

 It is possible to reinforce the health of the skin, through topical solutions and nourishing the body from within through an anti-inflammatory diet to help minimise some of the visible tell-tale signs. Yet, at a cellular level the damage cannot ever be fully undone.


At Aesthetica, it’s our passion to cultivate an attitude of positive ageing. We embrace laughter lines, yet recognise a client’s need to look & feel like their most authentic self. We strive to achieve this balance through the creation of robust, tailored client plans, specific to the individual’s key areas of concern which can be multifaceted and include topical, ingestible and cosmetic injectables. 

 The goal is providing our clients with visible results - improved radiance, tone and texture for a natural and refreshed look.

 For those seeking fast improvements, we use premium cosmetic injections adopting a less is more approach to administer subtle tweaks for a more relaxed, and rejuvenated complexion.

 Our registered cosmetic nurse injectors complete in-depth consultations with each client to determine the best treatment for achieving the desired look. Wrinkle Relaxant and Dermal Filler are both offered at Aesthetica, see our breakdown below to determine what might be right for you or book in with one of our highly trained nurses for a personalised consultation.


Wrinkle Relaxant

What is it?

Wrinkle relaxant is made from a natural, purified protein.

How does it work?

Delivered by very small injections. These help smooth out wrinkles, restoring a more youthful appearance. Results start to show from around 4 days after the treatment, and full effects are visible within 2 weeks.

Who is it ideal for?

Those who want to ‘iron out’ lines to look fresher and more rested. Wrinkle relaxant is especially effective when used on the forehead, crow’s feet and between the brows. There’s also no need to worry about looking ‘frozen’ – when applied with a light touch, you’ll still look completely natural.


 Dermal Filler

 What is it?

Made of a naturally-occurring substance already found in the skin.

How does it work?

Dermal fillers are used to add or restore volume to the treated area. At Aestheticá, we use a range of dermal fillers that vary in thickness and elasticity, depending on your individual needs. All of these are minimally invasive and non-permanent.

Who is it ideal for?

People wanting to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and creases (such as those around the mouth), add facial volume or plump up their lips. Dermal fillers also help to soften and hydrate the skin, giving you a youthful glow.