Aquagold Fine Touch

How It Works: AquaGold Fine Touch is a patented gold plated skin needle delivery system. Similar to mesotherapy, the device is designed to infuse tailored solutions into the skin via 600-micron depth channels that are finer than a human hair. The system delivers neuromodulators (antiwrinkle ) and very soft dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid) just below the skin surface and  not into the deeper muscle, so rather than freezing muscle to remove wrinkles it targets the shallower dermis to improve light wrinkles and improve skin quality. This includes; reduction of pore size, fine lines and overall skin integrity. It can also be used for PRP.

Ideal for: Men and Women

AquaGold can be used independently or as part of an overall treatment programme with other cosmetic injectables. Treatable areas include the face, neck, décolletage and hands. Three treatments 6 weeks apart and annually thereafter is recommended for the best results. 

This treatment empowers medical professionals to personalize treatments based on drug, skin type and the area of treatment, and can
only be implemented by a Registered Nurse or Medical practitioner


Due to the fact that each treatment is personalised a consultation is necessary.

Single treatment – $650

Three pack – $1800