Lashes & Brows

How it works: While they seem like minor details, lashes and brows make an enormous difference to the face. Our therapists have experience in design, shaping and tinting brows and lashes to enhance each individual’s natural look. We can offer advice on a style that will best suit your face, or stick to your preferred shape or colour – whatever you are most comfortable with. We use sensitive wax and include precision tweezing.

Ideal for: Those wanting tame wild brows, add shape and definition, define barely-there lashes, or add some polish to their look. Our waxing and tinting products are safe if you are pregnant or breast feeding, and they can be combined with most of our other treatments. 

lash tint – $25


brow tint – $15

brow tint and design - $35

lash and brow tint and brow design - $55

lash lift and tint - $75

A lash lift will define, enhance and open your eyes, making them appear larger and brighter. We add colour and length using a safe, nourishing and formaldehyde free formula. This non-invasive procedure will lift, curl, colour and beautify your natural lashes. Minimal aftercare required, swim, shower and play with no fuss. Lasts up to 8 weeks plus.

Observ Skin Imaging Analysis

With advanced medical imaging technology, we can see deep into the layers of the skin enabling a greater understanding and evidence of underlying skin concerns. This powerful diagnostic knowledge allows our clients to take both preventative and restorative action utilising the right products and skin treatments to truly impact and benefit the skin. With the combination of medical imaging and the expert eye of your dermal therapist we can create customised and informed treatment plan for you.