Observ Skin Imaging Analysis

With advanced medical imaging technology, we can see deep into the layers of the skin enabling a greater understanding and evidence of underlying skin concerns. This powerful diagnostic knowledge allows our clients to take both preventative and restorative action utilising the right products and skin treatments to truly impact and benefit the skin. With the combination of medical imaging and the expert eye of your dermal therapist we can create customised and informed treatment plan for you.


LED Light Therapy

How it works: The skin has an incredible ability to absorb light, and through Max+ LED light therapy, we use this to our advantage. This painless medical-grade treatment delivers UV-free light rays directly to the skin – stimulating cell regeneration, collagen and elastin, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation of healing, and destroying acne bacteria. 

Another huge benefit of LED light therapy is that it increases the permeability of the cell membrane, allowing the active ingredients in skincare products to penetrate more deeply. For this reason, it’s often used in conjunction with potent products, such as those in our Dermaviduals or Cellbone facial treatments.

Ideal for: Those wanting to clarify and brighten their skin tone, get a radiant glow, treat acne, or turbo-charge the effect of their facial. Relaxing and cost-effective, this truly is a great treatment for all skin types and concerns.

Single treatment – $89

ADD ON - $49